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Willing to take this job position, kindly reconfirm your information to us for background check below:

More About Fast Foster Care, Inc. Remote Position (P.A) Recruitment Offer

Fast Foster Care, Inc. (P.A) job advert, thank you for your interest. You may be selected as a potential candidate for a Personal Assistant position pending background checks.

Dear Job Applicant,

Every one of us fears the prospect of a health crisis with the Kids and Youth that forces us to be dependent on others for care. No one wants to be a burden to family or friends or lose our independence. The fast foster care team has the opportunity to change the image of traditional healthcare. We can help people look forward to rather than dread support from others.

My name is Anderson Moore, I’m an Engineer with Ph.D. I am one of the mentors and a monthly Donor to Foster Care Homes. I have been a well-known and respected identity in the Marine and subsea construction industry since the establishment of Rangers offshore. This firm is a large and complex one in which various departments are actually involved. Our Children’s care and shelter support department are growing expeditiously.  We have been in service for over 6 years. Making Donations, supporting and encouraging young adults brings a unique style that will guarantee better living for our community and its people.

We now have foster care homes in the United States and we need someone who can stand in the gap of Personal Assistants. Our previous PA who has been very commendable in her activities and who has been part of the company for the past 1 year has since returned to her country. Hence why we need an assistant, and we sincerely hope we’ll be able to find someone again who will be as efficient as she has been.

Your duties are as follows:
• Liaising with staff, suppliers, and clients
• Running errands and purchasing supplies
• Handling and monitoring administrative files
• Acting as the first point of contact
• Compiling and preparing reports, presentations, and correspondence 

Discretion and trustworthiness
Flexibility and adaptability
Organizational skills and the ability to multitask
Tact and diplomacy
Good oral and written communication skills
Reliable and dependable

Type: Part-Time
Hours: 20 Hours per week
Weekly Pay: $650.00
Type: Full Time
Hours: 45 Hours per week
Weekly Pay: $1300.00

The job is flexible and can be completed at your convenient time, it can be done during your break-time if it’s Part-time and you can expect to receive payment weekly, biweekly, monthly, starting on the date of the first pay period.

• AD & D Insurance
• Medical insurance
• 401(k)
• Paid time off

Your paperwork (job offer letter, USCIS Form I-9, and W-4 forms) will be sent to you via Mail and you should be receiving it within 7 working business days by one of the supervisors and will be available to inform you before it is sent so you can be on the lookout for it.